The Hillsborough Disaster

95 people died in the Hillsborough Disaster.

Another victim, who had been in a persistent vegetative state through injuries received, later incresed that number to 96.

The Leppings Lane end on 15th April 1989

Of those who died, 89 were male 7 were female. In respect of age, the majority were under 30 years of age, and more than a third were under 20 years. The youngest to die was a boy of 10 years.

The cause of death was attributed to crush asphyxia. Most deaths occurred in pen 3, the remainder occurring in pen 4. The majority of deaths occurred at the front of the pens. 730 people were injured inside the ground. 36 people sustained injuries outside the ground.

Thousands remain traumatised by the experience. Numerous suicides can be attributed directly to Hillsborough.

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