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Since forming, as a proactive collection of Hillsborough families, survivors and supporters in Feb 1998, the Campaign has struggled to bring Hillsborough and the continued lack of justice back into the public domain on many occassions.

Many people are aware that all clubs now observe a minutes silence on 15th April following the group's letter campaign. In this section you can read on this and other successes the group has acheived, as well as ongoing activites.

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Eileen McBride

Eileen McBride celebrates her victoryEileen McBride was at Hillsborough as a supporter in the stand above the Leppings Lane terracing. Upon realising the gravity of the emergency developing below her, Eileen in her capacity as a nurse, went down to the pitch to administer first aid to the injured and dying. In January 2000, Eileen won a unique court case: she sued the South Yorkshire police for damages for the effect the disaster had on her. She won, and the date for appeal has now past (the photo shows Eileen celebrating her victory outside the court).

In her own words, Eileen describes the court case:

"I am a 36 year old mum now, I used to be a part time nurse but since Hillsborough I have never worked.

"I thought the nightmares, panic attacks and flashbacks were the worst. This changed this year.

"In January I took South Yorkshire Police to court over Hillsborough , and won. But what a high price I paid emotionally. It was worse than I ever imagined. I was made to feel like a criminal, who had committed the worst imaginable crime.

"I felt worse than I have ever done, so low, violated; just kept thinking they're going to get away with it, they're going to win. They twisted everything I said. I will never get this out of my mind, they tore my character apart and my life. I felt they never even believed I was there.

"But as always there was the Hillsborough Justice Campaign, and the support of my family and friends. These are people who have been there for me since the beginning, especially Peter Carney and Carolyn Waite - they helped me through these particularly hard days.

"These people are still there and they feel like an extended family. They deserve the Justice, as it has never yet been given. It shouldn't have taken all this time to get it.

"It should be seen that they died by someone else' hand and not their own, and the blame laid on the appropriate door."

How the Liverpool Star reported Eileen's victory.