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In this section you can read about some of the past and present members of the HJC - mothers, fathers, brothers, survivors and supporters - their stories in their words and why they continue to struggle for Justice.

There are still very many people affected by Hillsborough . If you are a survivor, we can assist in identifying sources of help and provide a space to talk with people who went through the same experiences.

We still need help to continue the legal struggle, some survivors of the disaster may be able to assist as witnesses in up coming court cases. There are many other ways you can help us and we can help with school projects, research etc.

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The Hillsborough Justice Campaign
PO Box 1089
178 Walton Breck Road
L69 4WR
Tel / fax : 0151 2605262

email: hjcshop@tiscali.co.uk

The Hillsborough Justice Campaign

The Hillsborough Justice Campaign includes bereaved and survivors of the Hillsborough Disaster as well as supporters of the continued fight for justice. The campaign continues to go from strength to strength in direct correlation with the demand for justice for those who died at Hillsborough and those survivors who continue to suffer.

The HJC shop at 178 Walton Breck rd (opposite the ground) has become a focal point for supporters to drop in not just on match days but whenever they are passing. The HJC is pleased to have an 'open door' policy for people who feel that they can identify with the ethos of the group.

In the name of accuracy and fact, the HJC would like to update on a few issues. Anne Williams is no longer Chair of the HJC having resigned from the group on 28 February 2006 after informing the group that she would be continuing her son's legal case independently from the HJC. The HJC acknowledges Anne's prerogative to take whatever course of action she deems most appropriate in her pursuit of justice. From its inception the HJC has supported the fight for justice for the 96; in particular the group was able to offer Anne the means to pursue her legal fight for Kevin. Whilst the group sadly had to accept Anne's decision to sever links with the group, nevertheless the HJC's support for the fight for justice for Kevin Williams remains intact and as strong as ever. The group wishes Anne success in her European challenge.

The new Chair of the group is Kenny Derbyshire - Hillsborough survivor and longstanding member of the HJC.

The Secretary of the group is Karen Hill.

This website has become a starting point for so many seeking the true facts of Hillsborough. The HJC has decided to keep the site as a permanent testimony to the true facts of Hillsborough as well as an insight into the origins and development of a campaign group. All new information from henceforth can be accessed through our new site:

The HJC is proud that this site remains to the present day in the face of legal action and imprisonment. After all we've only told the truth.

History of the group

Aims & Objectives | Who we are not - HFSG

A message Shanks would approve of

The first meetings of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign took place in February 1998 when some families decided to join up with 'Survivors and Supporters of Justice For All.' Once the decision was made we began to find that the local communities backed a more proactive campaign and it wasn't long before we were able to acquire some premises in Anfield.

These premises serve four very important functions - as a office/meeting space, advice centre and also as an outlet for selling suitable goods. These premises are open Monday-Friday during normal office hours and obviously every home game at Anfield.

Public awareness of Hillsborough has certainly improved with our pro-active efforts in keeping it in the public domain and telling the real truth of that terrible day on 15th April 1989. Our campaign of raising public awareness has been dealt with in a number of ways and our leafleting campaign has produced and distributed over a dozen different leaflets each relating to some aspect of Hillsborough . .

Liverpool band Space with John Glover

Visitors to Anfield are also leafleted and given Justice stickers. We have also contacted every single football fanzine in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland (including non-league) in an attempt to gain support from all football supporters.

Nevertheless we look beyond football for support and we have had support from sporting personalities, stars from the entertainment business (picture shows Liverpool band Space with John Glover) but most importantly of all, from countless ordinary individuals without whose support our campaign would be certain to fail.

Fund-raising is a vital part of our campaign and is an indispensible means of sustaining our activities. Our main avenue of raising funds is a series of events which are usually nights out with local artists who are only playing for their 'petrol money.'

A growing number of top bands have supported us in one way or another as well as many lesser known artists who generously play for free at our own fund-raising events. We also sell a number of goods at our shop which can be seen here on this site.

We have already begun to forge links with other Justice Campaigns and we do so on the basis of Solidarity with people from all walks of life who have, like the Hillsborough families and Survivors, been kicked in the teeth on a regular basis by an establishment whose concept of the word Justice leaves a lot to be desired!

A supporter from the south gets the message across.

Our legal campaign encompasses both survivors and families of those who died and we intend to pursue our legal battle in Europe should Justice be denied by the legal process in this country.

As well as the South Yorkshire Police, we believe Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and the Football Association have yet to brought to account for their part in causing the deaths of 96 men, women and children and injuries to over 400 supporters.

Recently a survivor won a High Court Judgement which ruled his Solicitors 'Linskills' of Liverpool were negligent in their actions back in 1989. We have plans to help survivors get proper legal representation and have a number of cases which will further expose the negligence of many Solicitors and help any future survivors from disasters get proper legal, medical and psychological counselling should they need it.

Members of HJC supporting the Justice for Mark Barnsley Campaign in Sheffield

The Hillsborough disaster still remains in the memories of football supporters, although for a whole new generation, it is an event from almost another era. We need to reach out and teach this new generation what happened almost 10 years ago when 96 men, women and children went to a football game and came home in coffins. Even people old enough to remember may have been deliberately misled by the tabloid gutter press into believing that it was 'Scousers' who killed the 96.

We have had to contend with these despicable lies by printing and distributing the personal testimonies of those of us that were there. We will be silent no more and we hope that this website reflects our ability to conduct a campaign for Justice in a manner which best serves the interests of the families and survivors. We are an open, democratic organisation and if we have missed out on some point which you would like to see raised then we welcome any suggestions or questions. We appeal to anyone, be they a football supporter or otherwise to show solidarity with our campaign by helping in whatever way they can.