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Bill Shankly

The most successful football club in British history. Liverpool FC are once again on the rise, with Houllier's team following in the footsteps of Shankly, Paisley and Dalglish' Anfield greats before them.

You can read here about the team of '89 who played at Hillsborough on that day in April, the club's honours list and a brief history of the legendary area, Anfield.

There are also extensive lists of links to other Liverpool sites.

Fanzines - the supporters voice

The true independent voice of the ordinary supporter. We highlight Liverpool 'zine 'Through The Wind and Rain' - always a staunch supporter of the HJC and a voice that has kept alive and published articles on Hillsborough throuout the last 12 years.

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Football Today (message of support sent by email)

You have all of my love and support at this time, especially since the rightly-titled "show trial" in Leeds will soon attempt to demonstrate that Justice for the victims of the disaster has been genuinely attempted.

The establishment appear set on letting the very men responsible walk away to continue a comfortable retirement, while the families continue to suffer the hurt of the loss of their loved ones with no-one but themselves being held responsible.

But where is the the game itself in all of this?

The game has prospered, the big clubs have gained multi-million pound valuations via plc floatations, the corporate sponsors continue to swarm around the honey-pot like never before, and everyone continues to enjoy the self-gratification of seeing the 'national sport' go from strength to strength.

Yet what of the main catalyst for all of this?

Before April 1989, football supporters like myself, my family, my friends, and those that died in Sheffield were left to be marginalised, to suffer the poorest of conditions and the distain of local constabularies nationwide.

The revolution in football did not start from nowhere.

Yet the families that have suffered in the deepest and harshest way imaginable have been left to fight alone.

Today, Football should hang it's head in shame, for it has abandoned its own. But it will not, because it sold its conscience willingly many years ago. I don't know what else to say, except once again you, and all of the families of the victims of the disaster, have, and always will continue to have, all of my love and support.

Chris (message of support sent by email)